Foundation Stone Charms (All Birthstones Available)


Note that we call this suite of 12 tiny twinkling jewel-toned charms (each one set in a halo-bezel of sterling silver, just waiting to be hung from your favorite chain) ‘FOUNDATION STONES’ rather than more conventional ‘birthstone’ naming options. Why? Because we think we’re all adventurous enough to consider other options while still respecting our collective foundations. And how! We build our homes on strong foundations – stone, bedrock, shared beliefs and unwavering ideas…but but our lives are a more mutable… So why not honor our birthdays with a “foundation” of the sparkly variety? Although each of the twelve twinkling charm options in the FOUNDATION STONES collections has a corollary calendar to go with it, do not let this limit your choices in terms of selecting which stone-charm (or which array of them) suits you and brightens your spirits the most.