Our Jeweler

Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge is lucky to have one of the BEST jewelers in town! Stacy Apelt, has worked in the industry as a goldsmith for over 35 years, and 25 of those have been with Either Ore. He is a GIA certified appraiser that works on the premise Monday- Friday from 10am- 5pm. We pride ourselves that are customer's jewelry does not leave the store. Stacy repairs jewelry of all kinds, sets stones, and creates custom designed pieces. He has done repairs for the Harlem Globetrotters and foreign and US government officials, and most recently created a piece for Queen Elizabeth II in 2007 for the 400th anniversary of Jamestown. Currently Stacy is restoring all of the temple alter pieces for Temple Israel in Norfolk, VA. In addition, Stacy is also a blade smith that designs and creates knives including oyster knives, fillet knives, fishing knives, and various kitchen knives. His knife creations have won numerous awards.