Either Ore Starbridge

In-store experts at your service.

At Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge, our certified GIA jeweler and team are highly trained in order to assist you with your repair or purchase.

So if you're purchasing a diamond for the first time or repairing a pair of earrings, we will be there to guide you to make the best decision for your vision and budget.

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Diamond Buying 101

A diamond is one of the most important purchases a couple makes. Just like shopping for a home or a car, knowing what you want before you look will save you money and get you more for your budget. Our team works as a team, and no one is on commission. We want our customers to get what they want based on their needs, not what we want to sell you.

Diamond shapes

Diamond Shapes

While the most popular diamond shape is the round brilliant because of the diamond's classic brilliance, there is a rising popularity in the emerald and pear shapes as well.

The Four C's of Diamond

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