How Virginia Beach Chooses Their Diamonds

A diamond is one of the most important purchases a couple makes in their life. It is often rated as equal to buying your first home. Just like shopping for a home or car, knowing what you want before you look will save you money …  and get you more for what you decide to spend. And, just like the house and car market, high pressure salespeople who work on commission can get you to buy more than you budgeted …  or even something you don’t want. The staff at Either Ore Jewelers at Strawbridge works as a team, and no one is on commission. We want you to get what you want…not what we want to sell you.

So, where do you start?????

Start by sitting down quietly with each other. Your friends and family are all part of your life, but decisions like your engagement ring and its diamond should be made by the two of you. We all like surprises, but surprising a modern lady with an unexpected ring isn’t always a good idea. It is just as much of a surprise if you hand her a box with a clock in it , and a card saying, “It’s TIME to talk about a ring!”. Decide what fits your personal situation and what you can afford. The engagement ring is a lifetime symbol of the love between the two of you, not a bauble to impress your friends. No one enjoys something that they wish they hadn’t purchased, no matter how pretty it is. So, decide what is right for you, and stay in that budget range. When the two of you are ready, to look at rings and diamonds, come see us. We stock diamonds in many sizes, and can get any stone you want.

First, pick the CUT (shape) of the stone you like. There are many choices available, with the round brilliant being the most popular.

Next, pick the CARAT size that fits your personality and budget. Carat size is a very personal choice, but the average range for an engagement ring is from 1/2 to 2 carats.

Move on to CLARITY, which is a rating of the internal and external quality of the stone. Stones rated “I” have visible inclusions, But all stones rated SI or above have only internal inclusions that require a 10 power magnifier ( or more) to find. The grades are I, SI, VS,VVS, IF. SI-1 is the most popular price per clarity.

Finally, decide on the COLOR of the diamond you want. Diamonds are rated from D though Z. Stones in the D through F range are completely colorless. F through J is near colorless, and the grade range where you will find 90% of most good quality diamonds. As the grade goes from K to Z , the color gets yellower, and finally brown. G through I is what most people buy. There are also fancy colored diamonds in many hues, but these are rare and expensive.

The staff at Either Ore Jewelers at Strawbridge is well versed in the language of diamonds, with the Stacy, the jeweler, and Donna, the owner, being GIA certified in diamond grading. We will be glad to help you decide exactly what stone is your personal “Crown Jewel”. Take your time, you have the rest of your life to enjoy it!