Reliable Insurance For Your Jewelry

Jewelry is valuable, and it is wise to insure the most valuable pieces. Some owners get a blanket rider to cover all their jewelry, others add specific pieces to their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Jewelry is not automatically covered by your homeowners insurance, and requires a “rider” policy.   We have information at the store for those who wish to have a personal jewelry insurance policy from Jewelers Mutual, the leading jewelry insurer.

Appraisals Given By Us To Your Insurance Company...

Whoever the insurer is will require a current appraisal of insurance value issued by a GIA certified appraiser. Our Jeweler has been certifying people’s treasures for over 30 years, and his appraisals are accepted by every underwriter … even Lloyd’s of London.

Jewelry can normally be appraised by having the items graded and measured while you wait. The prepared appraisal will usually be ready within 24 hours. We can even fax a copy to your insurance company. Multiple piece appraisals get a discount. We also offer a discount when having the item appraised while a repair is being done. Protect what is dear to you by getting it appraised.